Rick Crawford wrote:
Hi, I *desperately* need either a fix for the problem below,
or hardware specs for a new system (under $1,000)
that you can *guarantee* will work properly.
(Yes, I'm so desperate I'm willing to spend big bucks to make this disappear!)

The problem is, I'm getting killed by HDLC errors, e.g:

        ppp[200]: tun0: Phase: deflink: HDLC errors -> FCS: 4,
                                        ADDR: 0, COMD: 0, PROTO: 0

is a typical ppp.log error under FreeBSD 4.5.

Sometimes I can gracefully kill (-TERM) and successfully restart ppp.
But often, I get complete system hang, and must powercycle.
(Every time I search freebsd.org "bug" archives, my
system hangs when I try to read the first matching search item!)

Under Windows98, it just hangs occasionally with no error msgs.
(Hence unclear if that's merely normal Microsoft "quality",
or if the same underlying hardware problem is troubling both OS.)

These errors occur *frequently* with my preferred ISPs --
access4less and SBC/Yahoo, but almost never occurred using Earthlink/Mindspring
(which was slow as molasses, so I had to switch ISPs).

Often (but not always), HDLC errs in ppp.log are preceded by:
	tun0: Warning: Packet too large (4102), discarding.

I'm using standard hardware flow control.
<snip lots of stuff>

I don't _know_ what your problem is, but ...

Try running memtest and cpuburn on this machine and make sure the hardware is
stable.  I've spend hours and hours trying to diagnose software/config problems
when the real issue was unreliable hardware.

If that checks out, make sure your power is clean.  I'm dealing with a client
right now that's having problems with a modem, and when we plug the system in
at our office, it works fine.  I'm taking an AVR UPS in on Monday to see if that
solves their problem.

Hope this is helpful.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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