"Bill Moran" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

  > Add this to your ppp.conf file
  >     disable pred1 deflate lqr
  >     deny    pred1 deflate lqr

I tried adding the "lqr" (others were already disabled && denied).
This seems to help somewhat -- e.g, I had 1 session that
lasted over 4 hours and terminated normally without HDLC errors :-)

But other sessions die the same old way, with nothing in my ppp.log
between "PPP enabled" and the error, e.g:

        Feb 12 12:19:25 localhost ppp[177]: tun0: Phase: Parent: PPP enabled 
        Feb 12 13:05:19 localhost ppp[180]: tun0: Phase: deflink: HDLC errors -> FCS: 
1, ADDR: 0, COMD: 0, PROTO: 0 

I doubt it's a problem with my phone line or power quality --
I never had this problem using Mindspring as my ISP.  And my system
is in the same place as before (2 year old house, with Cat-5 wiring).

So I still need ideas for fixes, how to enable extra logging, etc.

Also, isn't there an underlying FreeBSD bug?  Shouldn't both ppp
and the OS be able to recover gracefully after HDLC errors?


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