On Sun, Feb 09, 2003 at 06:43:58PM -0500, Bill Moran wrote:
> Tillman wrote:
> > I'm getting about
> > 8.5-9 Megabytes/s on NFS reads from a Linux 2.4 client (on a 100Mbit
> > switched LAN) with it set to 0, as measured by Bonnie++. This is fairly
> > close to the 12MB/s fast ethernet theoretical maximum, so I'm happy with
> > performance.
> What did you change to get it running that fast?

Many many bonnie++ runs and careful charting of the results :-)

Client side (Linux 2.4):
Mount with mountvers=3,hard,intr,nolock,udp,wsize=8192,rsize=8192

Note that w/r sizes above 8k require a small kernel patch to Linux - and
I found that it's typically a tad /slower/ than 8k in any case. Not
worth it according to the benchmarking I did. In general, version 3 was
much better performing than version 2 (where async vs. sync was more of
an issue).

On the server side, ensure that you have enough nfsd's to handle all
requests by keeping an eye on the `ps` output. When one or more of the
nfsd's have no CPU time, then you've just started to cross the line into
too many (which is about right).

Also, ensure that you're not disk I/O limited on the server side. I'm
currently using a couple of vinum arrays where I'm reading at about
30MB/s and the random seeks are high (about 530/sec). This puts any
blame for slowness on the network (and NFS), which simplified tuning.

I'd welcome benchmarks to the contrary, I could always use more NFS
performance ;-)


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