northern snowfall <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>>drivers.flp is your friend :) It happened to me, and I'm no fool!
>Well, thats kind of the point of the problem. Drivers.flp isn't needed.
>Sysinstall loads the 8139 driver from its base. The ATA drivers are
>in the base, as well (of course), so the question is: why does the bug in
>the 8139 driver manifest in a mishandling of the mounted file system?
>This leads me to believe that the bug isn't 8139-dependant, but, something
>rooted in the design of the interrupt code itself.
>"i want to be.. as deep... as the ocean"

Too deep for me.  The cd9660 kld is on drivers.flp and would hopefully
help with Shane's
"Error mounting /dev/ac0 on /dist: Operation not supported by device (19)"


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