I am having issues getting a new machine with 7 to reboot and power
down. The machine uses a SuperMicro X7DCL-3 and there are two
quad-core processors installed. Upon issuing a reboot or power off,
the machine hangs immediately after displaying the "Uptime" statement.

I have tried disabling ACPI in the BIOS (FreeBSD can't allocate
interrupts for any of the devices then) and all the sysctl's you'd
guess... hw.syscons.kbd_reboot, hw.acpi.disable_on_eboot,
hw.acpi.handle_reboot. The same effect was noticed with

dmesg is here: http://freebsd.pastebin.com/m55c91bee
kerenl configuration is here: http://freebsd.pastebin.com/m54d0fbe

I have an ACPI dump generated if someone wants it. We have two of
these systems and are getting more and it would be a big issue if we
couldn't reboot them.

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