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Dmitry RCL Rekman wrote:

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RCL wrote:

I'm having the same troubles as Leslie Jensen when compiling KDE (or
anything that uses uic, e.g. amarok):
compile process stucks with the following message:

Mutex unlock failure: Operation not permitted
Well, it actually did not rebuild the KDE & friends (because of
aforementioned problem with unlocking the mutex), so I had to interrupt
that, leaving some ports alone. I admit that is a deviation from upgrade
procedure, but it is not perhaps the reason of mutex problem, because it
appeared while rebuilding the ports for the first time.
There is no reference in your log file to "Mutex unlock failure".

It does not appear when building Qt, but when building e.g. kdebase3 (when
uic is used).

Actually, the problem was tracked down to be inside uic. When built on my
(and Leslie's) 7.0 "upgraded" from 6.x system, uic does not link to, while in a newly-installed 7.0 it does.

It should not be linking (directly) to libthr at all, it should be linking to libpthread (which is a symlink to it).

So one of people here (Mel) asked to provide the actual commandline used to
link uic (see this for reference: ),
which is what I did.

It links to libqt-mt and presumably gets its thread library from there, so the question extends there.

Log of the actual "mutex unlock failure" error was already posted in this
list, it's here:

OK, I suppose I was confused because you posted this under a new subject instead of as a followup to the earlier messages, so context was lost from your mails.

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