Dmitry RCL Rekman wrote:

On Sat, Mar 22, 2008 at 6:14 PM, Kris Kennaway <[EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>> wrote:

     > Actually, the problem was tracked down to be inside uic. When
    built on my
     > (and Leslie's) 7.0 "upgraded" from 6.x system, uic does not link to
     >, while in a newly-installed 7.0 it does.

    It should not be linking (directly) to libthr at all, it should be
    linking to libpthread (which is a symlink to it).

Yes, it does link to -lpthread, but ldd tells different things on newly installed 7.0 and 7.0 upgraded from 6.2... I don't know if it's the reason, that was Mel's guess ( ).

     > So one of people here (Mel) asked to provide the actual
    commandline used to
     > link uic (see this for reference:
     > which is what I did.

    It links to libqt-mt and presumably gets its thread library from there,
    so the question extends there.

Well, the commandline used to build libqt-mt is included in the log and it also links to -pthread...

Yes, also uic (correctly) links directly to -pthread (I missed this on first read). The only way I can see this failing is if your /lib is not correctly populated. What is the output of

ls -l /lib/libthr* /usr/lib/libpthr*


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