Eduardo Cerejo wrote:
I installed the Linux flash9 port on a new 7.0 box to work with SeaMonkey and it dies when it reaches flash using sites.

How can I de-install this port with out causing problems to other programs?

I cant find it in the  handbook how to's.   Im I missing something?


by the way you can use linux-flash7 instead and if you are using the native 
FreeBSD firefox and not linux-firefox you have to install and use 
nspluginwrapper or else it will not work, your second alternative is gnash 
which works natively with firefox.  To use nspluginwrapper you would have to 
run this after the install.
nspluginwrapper -i /usr/local/lib/npapi/linux-flashplugin/
remember for the linux plugins to embed on the native firefox they need some 
kind of wrapper.  Flashplugin9 will not work with native firefox or 
linux-firefox and I think it's because the linux emulator uses an old version 
of linux so we have to wait until it changes to a more current version.

Aloha Eduardo,

If I am running linux-seamonkey port is the concept the same to get it to work? Which wrapper?

FYI: I have followed the list questions on this issue. So I tried first to use flashplugin7 and some websites want 9 or they wont work. The sites say you have to use 9.

Thanks for the help.

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