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Al Plant wrote:
Eduardo Cerejo wrote:
I installed the Linux flash9 port on a new 7.0 box to work with SeaMonkey and it dies when it reaches flash using sites.

How can I de-install this port with out causing problems to other programs?

I cant find it in the  handbook how to's.   Im I missing something?

by the way you can use linux-flash7 instead and if you are using the native FreeBSD firefox and not linux-firefox you have to install and use nspluginwrapper or else it will not work, your second alternative is gnash which works natively with firefox. To use nspluginwrapper you would have to run this after the install. nspluginwrapper -i /usr/local/lib/npapi/linux-flashplugin/ remember for the linux plugins to embed on the native firefox they need some kind of wrapper. Flashplugin9 will not work with native firefox or linux-firefox and I think it's because the linux emulator uses an old version of linux so we have to wait until it changes to a more current version.

Sorry not a response to the OP but hopefully useful correction:

%uname -sr
%pkg_info -Ix firefox
firefox-,1 Web browser based on the browser portion of Mozilla
%pkg_info -Ix plugin
linux-flashplugin-9.0r115 Adobe Flash Player NPAPI Plugin
nspluginwrapper- A compatibility plugin for Netscape 4 (NPAPI) plugins

I don't actually see a lot of flash as I have flashblock installed but I can't recall having probs when I have chosen to view it, except it still doesn't work with youtube. I've just installed wine and win32 firefox+flashplugin for youtube and bbc iplayer and that works fine.

Are you trying to tell me that you got flash 9 working?  I sure would like to 
know how to get it working without crashing.

Yes though like I say I also use flashblock so I only see the flash I want to. I'm moving house at the moment so I can't try and recreate my steps to install it but it was something like:

install firefox, linux-flashplugin9, nspluginwrapper from ports
run nspluginwrapper

I'll try running without flashblock for a while and see what happens.


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