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> Subject: Reconditioned Laptop advice
> People   : I want to bu a laptop , for the time being I can't go 
> for a high end machine like hp8510b or like those 
> But I found in internet , about IBM  Thinkpad T40   Reconditioned :
> So I want  people's valuable advice on Reconditioned machine ;is 
> it safe to have this machine , I want to use FreeBSD on this 
> machine , what about the reliability of Reconditioned machines ?: 
> your advices may help me to take a good decision on my purchase.

Do yourself a favor and as soon as you obtain your laptop, go out
and buy a brand new hard disk drive for it.  Not only will you
get a disk that is faster and larger, it will be much more reliable
than a ratty old hard drive that's probably been bumped and jostled
around a lot.

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