Jean-Paul Natola wrote:
Believe me , I wish I knew how to do something weird with the kernel- I'm
still wet behind the ears in BSD land.  This machine , believe it or not , I
use a mail filter server-  BSD/CLAM/SA and EXIM-   and I only putty into it-
no X no video nada- but it should* recognize  and install the drivers for the
video and nic? that is my main concern

No X --> No problem on video. The text console works on any graphics hardware. Since the network card will be different, you will have to redo the network settings. If you know the brand / type of the netcard in the new machine, have a look at the hardware list of 6.2 to see if it is supported.
Have a look at your old network settings in /etc/rc.conf
The following lines are of interest:

ifconfig_<drivername>="inet netmask"

Hostname and defaultrouter will not change, what you will have to change is the <drivername> to match the new network card. You can redo the whole configuration from sysinstall (Configure -> Networking -> Interfaces) or simply find out the name of the network card from there and change it yourself. You will need to connect a keyboard and screen into the system, as your not - most probably - going to have networking at first boot.
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