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On Apr 25, 2008, at 6:46 AM, Geert Geurts wrote:
I've got a server running a ssh server, I want to enable ssh for the use
of sftp by a group of users, and limit their ssh access to just allow
running passwd so they can change their default password. What whould be
the best/easiest way to acomplish this, or something similiar?

I wonder what would happen if you gave them a shell of "/usr/bin/passwd"...?

That should work. I just tested. When an ssh connection is made, it executes
passwd. As soon as the password is changed, the ssh connection was closed:

   %ssh -l asdf
   Changing local password for asdf
   Old Password:
   New Password:
   Retype New Password:
   Connection to closed.

Should make for some fascinating experiences with sftp.  :-)

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