On Thursday 01 May 2008 11:01:02 Olivier GARNIER wrote:

> > Can anyone tell my how to see the "last message" which is repeated
> > hundred
> times?


> Apr 30 23:16:33 myhost upsmon[1011]: Poll UPS [EMAIL PROTECTED] failed -
> Server disconnected
> May  1 08:57:44 myhost upsmon[1011]: Poll UPS [EMAIL PROTECTED] failed -
> Data stale
> May  1 08:58:19 myhost last message repeated 7 times

It's a bit bad choice of words, better would be "previous message repeated 7 
times". So the message that is repeated, is the message directly above it.

Sorry, can't help you with NUT, but it looks like server disconnects are not 
handled correctly and just generate hundreds of messages about stale data, 
rather then refreshing the data.


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