On Thursday 01 May 2008 19:45:32 John wrote:
> Can someone direct me to where the MySQL transaction logs are stored?  I am
> running FreeBSD 6.1 with MySql 5.0.41 which I installed from ports, no
> extra config.  From what I've read online, unless you disable them (which I
> couldn't find in the makefile) the logs should be being created.  Doing a
> find / --name "bin." Didn't turn up anything.

By default they end up in /var/db/mysql and are named $hostname-bin.###
Also, the information you read online is incorrect. By default, binary logging 
(which are the transaction logs) is disabled. I don't recall whether this is 
a FreeBSD port specific modification.

You can turn it on by putting a my.cnf in /var/db/mysql. Templates named 
my-$size.cnf are in /usr/local/share/mysql and are well-commented.

> I'll also note that it is not in var/db/mysql with the rest of the mysql
> data files and the ib_logfiles which would have been useful, but the data I
> am trying to recover is from a MyISAM.

I take it you tried myisamchk?

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