Something went wrong earlier on, and portupgrade screwed up. It tried
to upgrade png, got as far as uninstalling it, failed to install it
and then failed to restore the backup and for some reason also thinks
that rrdtool does not depend on graphics/png, while it does,
unconditionally. Best thing to do when you see pkgdb mentioning
"stale dependencies" is hit ctrl-c hard, fast and often. Then scroll
up to see what it did wrong and try to figure out how to correct it's

What is at present the png version installed on your system and could
you show the output of: grep 'DEPORIGIN: graphics/png'

It reveals nothing but so far so good. Everything seems to work so I am not going to worry about it. I just don't remember. I may have installed then uninstalled png at some point but no idea if I did. I have actually started to run a journal of everything being done to the server - it should help in future!

Zbigniew Szalbot

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