I have a 486 DEEP GREEN system I would like to put some version of FreeBSD on 
(I have my reasons).

I have other inquiries out on this, but if I correctly recall (and that is a 
real rusty recall at best), the max memory you could get on one of these beasts 
was 48MB, unless they made some bigger, recognizable, 72-pin modules.

I have 8 MB of hard drive space free for a FreeBSD partition and I am actually 
running an Intel P24T Overdrive for my CPU. All work fine on the DOS 6.2.2 
partition I need to run.

Would any version of FreeBSD work with just 48MB of RAM? Or do I need to figure 
out a way to get more RAM on the board, IF POSSIBLE?

FreeBSD installer runs on 32MB for sure, already installed system with stripped kernel works fine on 16MB and 486.

but be aware 486SX is not supported in 6.*
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