On Monday 12 of May 2008 22:22:12 Roland Smith wrote:
> It might also be a hardware problem. Testing the RAM would be a good
> place to start.

I bought new RAM and tested it with 'memtest' and now is OK (no error was 
found). Hover I still got kernel panic when I do:
# Xorg -configure
# Xorg -config /root/xorg.conf.new

what is going on? What else can cause such behavior. As I mentioned previously 
Debian works great on this computer.  Maybe it is a bug in Xorg?

Maybe someone else had or have such problems with Xorg?

I want to work on FreeBSD 7.0, but this problem is very strange. When I work 
on FreeBSD 6.3 I hadn't such problems - it simply work.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Best wishes,

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