On May 19, 2008, at 4:17 PM, Montag wrote:

> host mx1.free.bsd.org said: my.mywebsite.com: Helo command rejected:

Are you sure it wasn't mx1.freebsd.org?  And are you mangling 
my.mywebsite.com or is that really the hostname with which your server is 
configured to EHLO/HELO?  The FreeBSD MXs also run Postfix and employ the 
reject_unknown_helo_hostname restriction; it rejects HELO and EHLO hostnames 
that lack DNS A or MX records.  Your log excerpt looks suspicious because 
my.mywebsite.com does have a valid DNS A record:   

        my.mywebsite.com.       96      IN      A
> Any thoughts?  I typed "sendmail -bp" to print that, which is curious, 
> because I'm pretty sure sendmail is not running; Postfix should be handling 
> everything.

It is actually Postfix behind the scenes!  See man mailwrapper(8) and the 
contents of /etc/mail/mailer.conf.

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