> To All, 
> We are running a server using FreeBSD and have been 
> experiencing DSL connectivity issues from our customers. 
> Our pages are basically all HTML and some Java applets. 
> Customers are reporting issues such as; 
> "Recently I've noticed that your site operates very slowly.  When I am 
> surfing at ****, the speed gradually decreases until it won't navigate at
> anymore.  sometimes **** even breaks my dsl connection somehow and I have 
> to re-start my computer.  One one occasion it actually crashed my machine 
> and caused it to re-boot.  These issues are not occurring when visiting
> websites.  Any ideas?" 
> Does anyone have any further thoughts on this issue? 
Any information in the log files? You could enable PPP logging (see ppp
manpage if you 
are actually using it). Did you control the serverload and/or networkload?
Tools such 
as KDE's ksysguard(d) or gkrellm could help you. They are available from the
Also, please supply version-info. 
If you are very new to FreeBSD you might want to check the handbook at 

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