I'm using mpd5 for pptp connections and last night I had to change our
subnet from to after I've made all the changes
to all the config files I rebooted and everything is working except for
I'm using mpd5 for 2 x adsl pppoe and pptp.

Here is the pptp section
        set ippool add pool1

        create bundle template B
        set iface enable proxy-arp
        set iface idle 1800
        set iface enable tcpmssfix
        set ipcp yes vjcomp
        set ipcp ranges ippool pool1
        set ipcp dns

        set bundle enable compression
        set bundle enable crypt-reqd
        set ccp yes mppc
        set mppc yes e40
        set mppc yes e128
        set mppc yes stateless

        create link template L pptp
        set link action bundle B
        set link enable multilink
        set link yes acfcomp protocomp
        set link no pap chap
        set link enable chap
        set link keep-alive 10 60
        set link mtu 1460

        set pptp self external-ip
        set link enable incoming

and then in my pf.conf
if_pptp         = "{ ng2, ng3, ng4, ng5, ng6, ng7, ng8, ng9, ng10, ng11,
ng12, ng13, ng14, ng15, ng16, ng17, ng18, mg19, ng20, ng21 }"

# PPTP in WAN1
pass quick log on $ext_if1 inet proto gre all keep state
pass quick log on $ext_if1 proto {tcp, udp } from any to port
= 1723 keep state
pass quick log on $if_pptp from any to any keep state

I'm getting an Error 800: Unable to establish a VPN connection.
This used to work well before I changed the subnet last night.

Any idea why its not working anymore?

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