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> Subject: Re: Need to build a new mail server
> This freebsd-questions thread is approaching a low signal/noise ratio
> very very fast.  MTAs are a hotly debated subject, and they tend to
> spark the flames of a religious war *very* fast.  Can we _please_ try to
> steer this discussion back on track, and actually _help_ the original
> poster,

No, Giorgos, we can't.

The OP asked a question that cannot be answered by a few simple
posts to a mailing list.  Whole books have been writen that cover
nothing other than how to build a mailserver.

Because the question is unanswerable, (at least in this forum and
format) what your going to get instead is the big dick war.

I'd advise you to just ignore it as I have done - indeed, this is
my first and only contribution to the thread - the only reason
I even bothered looking at it at all, was because I was surprised
to see the thread still alive, and as your name was on a posting
I figured that something really interesting must have been
under discussion.

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