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Fabian Keil <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On a system with an Athlon 1700+ and only 512 MB of RAM,
> receiving snapshots on OpenSolaris renders the GUI pretty
> much useless.

> Note that the system is below Sun's recommended specifications
> for ZFS, though. Things may look differently on more powerful
> systems.

The -bare- minimum for OpenSolaris is 512MB. That's not only for ZFS.
In my experience ZFS on solaris is rock solid. OpenSolaris is not yet
ready for production servers though i.m.h.o. nor is nevada_b90 with the
ability to boot off ZFS root. Production servers need to be well (no
thoroughly) tested ;-)

The best stable (production) server with ZFS is solaris-10u5
If you want to boot off ZFS, S10u6 will support that.

But these versions too need lots of ram. I think fbsd has a lighter

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