On Thu, Feb 13, 2003 at 09:55:49PM -0800, joseph grundy wrote:
> I am having problems trying to install FreeBSD.
> I have installed in before on different machines, but now this is the only one I 
>have. I would like to have FreeBSD as my main OS on the machine.
> When I put in the bootable cd and restart the computer, I get to the boot section 
>where it says 
> Hit enter or wait 9 seconds to boot
> I hit enter and get the follow
> /boot/kernel/acpi.ko test=0x3985c data=0x1978+0xb2k sysms=[0x4+0x6010+0x4+0x7994 ]
> then the line below it is spinning and stops and freezes.

it seems that there is a problem with the acpi kernel module. Can you disable acpi 
in you bios? If yes, try booting without acpi. Or maybe you can disable some modules
in the boot loader menu (but im not sure about that).
> I have tried 4.2, 4.4, 4.7. and 5.0 releases all lock in the same place. I have 
>windows 2000 server on first 40 gigs of a 60 gig HD.
> Inside the machine are
> Intel 850 MV motherboard
> 2 256 sticks of rambus and 2 dummy cards to terminate unused memory slots
> geforce 3
> Audigy Plat 
> Intel 10/100 pro NIC
> adaptec 2940 scsi card
> dvd player ( used for install )
> cdrw scsi
> cd rom scsi
> secondary 60 gig HD

Sorry, these are just suggestions as i dont know where the problem really is...


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