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I'm setting up a pair of machines with almost identical OS config, and completely identical hardware. One is a primary DNS server, the other is secondary. NS1 will also serve web, NS2 will be a mail server. Both are low volume/loads.

It looks like I can use DD to copy an entire drive, but it's a 500G drive and that's going to take a really long time (especially since it's brand new with no data besides base OS).

My question: Is there a better way to duplicate a drive including boot info?

The way I've done that in the past is to backup the source system with dump for /, /var, and /usr.

Then do a minimal install on the clone, setting up the appropriate partition sizes. That is quicker for me than trying to remember fdisk and bsdlabel options. It also avoids the embarrassing situation of getting source and destination disks mixed up when they're both on the same machine.

On the clone, restore from the original dump files over the new system with "restore -ruf dumpfile".

This may be helpful:


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