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                   ...  But I can't send mail because the system
isn't configured for that, and I'm in the dark as how to accomplish it.
Is there somewhere that I can go for info on setting up a simple
configuration which will let me send mail from Mutt?  ...

Well, I have had sendmail enabled, but my outgoing mail gets
bounced with a message saying that Comcast has blocked the process.

Yes. On most residential connections, Comcast blocks port 25 to reduce
the spam burden created by compromised hosts. Your options are not to send mail on port 25 (using port 587, for instance, but that makes you unable to communicate with many servers) or to buy business class service from Comcast, if they'll let you. You can try calling support and asking to have 25 unblocked, but I have yet to hear of a case where that was effective.

As an aside, I recently had a similar problem being able to send e-mail to my host ( through Comcast's network -- a Comcast tech suggested using port 26 instead of 25, and that worked for me.

That's exactly the kind of brain-dead answer I'd expect from Comcast.

The Internet community comes up with a solution, and publishes the
fact that port 587 is specifically _for_ this purpose, yet Comcast
suggests 26 ... go figure.

Well, I certainly don't think highly of Comcast as a whole, but in this case they did suggest port 587. Apparently either HostGator doesn't (yet?) support it, or I'm not paying enough to get it.

P.S. The correct name is HostGator, not webgator as my original post indicated. oops.
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