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> In case i enable them, would my server, which is very small(Very
> little RAM,192MB i think)..its just for educational purposes; could
> my server cope with it if for instance tehre were quite a few clients
> connected?  I dont know how to put this question...sorry..
and i'm not sure how to answer you - so we are even.

however, i can tell you that we've been running a webserver with 20
virtual hosts on a 700MHz with 192M ram for a long time really well
(it's also education - a homeschooling project). the pages were served
via postgresql databases, python and apache for quite a while, but
recently we went to static html pages (that we create using the
database and php). 

even when we were getting 40000+ hits a day we were ok - the
slowdown turned out to be in our network hub and once that was upgraded
to 100T things were fine. 

we use sshd with rsa authentication (disabled password login
completely), but there are only about 5 accounts and not much login 
activity. i don't really see why sshd should slow things down - i would
think it would be more like that the actual activity would be what the
difficulty would be for the server.

something you can do though is to log on several times even from one
machine (or several - just coordinate it) and see if there is any

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