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> volunteers> > Hi all,> > N. Raghavendra:> > At 2008-06-26T18:17:19+02:00, 
> Zbigniew Szalbot wrote:> > > >> What is a good place to look for volunteers 
> who would like to modify> >> Windows source code for an open source software. 
> We have a programme> >> that changes wallpapers on your desktop but it is 
> only available for> >> Windows.> >>> >> As a FreeBSD fan, I'd love to see it 
> in ports.> > > > I guess you have already checked out graphics/chbg, and 
> perhaps some> > other similar ports, before asking that question.> Yes, I 
> have. I am not really looking for such software but for a forum > where 
> people who do UNIX can be found.> > FYI - our little software is special one 
> in that it changes backgrounds > with Bible's life words 
> (www.lcwords.com/en/desktoplive.html).> > Anyway, I am not trying to 
> advertise it here, especially that it is for > Windows. Just trying to find 
> out where to look for people who could be > interested in porting it into 
> UNIX using our Windows source code, if > they find it helpful.> > I hope I am 
> not offending anyone.> > Warm regards,> 
So you are trying to port YOUR code to BSD. Your original post made it sound 
like you found a program and just wanted to see same functionality in BSD.
There is an opensource program similar to yours but it is designed for use with 
webshots and flickr but im sure could very easily be modified to connect with 
your website. http://www.webilder.org/
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