Ok, it's working now, thanks for all the suggestions, you got me straightened out. Once I got a xorg.conf.new configured correctly I forgot to copy it to /etc/X11. Dummy me, heheheh. (Been a long time since my last experience with BSD, about 3 years.)
Thanks guys,

Gonzalo Nemmi wrote:
No ..
Run a "locate xorg.conf" to see what "xorg.conf" file is beign used to run gnome ..
Check under /usr/local/etc/X11 to see if there's xorg.conf ..
If you are running gnome .. _there_has_to_be_ a xorg.conf file somewhere ...
Find that file a do your edits in there.

And BTW .. the code I passed on to you, are just the sections regarding the mouse and the serverlayout configuration part of the whole xorg.conf file .. Your not gonna do much with it alone .. you still need the complete xorg.conf file ..

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