I've got a Compaq ML570 with 2gb RAM, dual PIII Xeon 700s and 5x10k
RPM drives in it attached to a Compaq 5300 RAID card that I'm going to
be using as a squid box.

I've configured two drives as RAID 1 with the third as a hot spare,
and two drives as RAID0 - I intend to put the squid cache on the
latter, and have mounted it as /squid.

I'm running 7STABLE from a couple of days ago.

What might I do to achieve better/best performance? I'm replacing a
less capable whitebox. One of the big issues I've had has manifested
itself recently - we've moved from a T1 to a DS3, and while overall
throughput has increased dramatically, people are now complaining that
"the Internet is slow", which I've found is all down to initial page
load. I'm pursuing optimizing squid elsewhere, and want to focus on
getting this box as fast as I reasonably can before sticking squid on
it. I've got more RAM to put into it - I'd be stealing from another
machine that's little used, but I should be able to get it to 4gb RAM.

As a benchmark, there are about 230 people in my site who will be
using this box for their proxy, and their usage is all over the map -
worse, I haven't been given the time to put any analysis tools into
play to figure out the load on the old box, as we're in the middle of
a number of other projects of equal or higher priority.

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