Lowell Gilbert wrote:
S├ębastien Morand <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I'm using thunderbird to read my mail and I'm not able to open
directly the attachments ".pps". Actually I get a lot of file like
this for my work, and it's quite boring to have to save them in a
directory and then read them with openoffice.

When I try to read them zith tunderbird, the mime type is not
recognized, this is an "unknown" type and the application proposed is
mplayer (don't ask why...).

Then i could choose the right application and open it, but the button
remember the choice is not available, so I have to choose manually the
program evertytime, this is also quite boring.

So my questions are:
Why pps file are not recognized as powerpoint file?
Why am I not able to keep remember the choice to open .pps file with openoffice?

I don't have a recent copy of Thunderbird at hand to check with, but
I remember Thunderbird having a configuration screen for "Attachments"
which (among other things) let you configure an "action" for different
file types.  It probably depends on MIME types rather than file
extensions, though, so if you are getting these ".pps" files with the
wrong MIME type, you have a different problem.

In Thunderbird

Edit/Preferences/Attachments/View & Edit Actions to see a list of filetypes.

But until you download a file of a particular type it won't appear in the list. I think when you download a filetype for the first time you get a dialogue box asking what to do and if this action should be used in future.


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