> Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 15:55:58 -0500
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> Subject: Upgrade and change distro?
> I have a dual core Intel server running 6.1 RELEASE i386.  I want to 
> update it to 7.0 RELEASE.  Can I also switch to the AMD release at the 
> same time?  (It's my understanding that all dual core processors should be 
> running AMD not i386.)
> If so, do I simply point to the GENERIC kernconf under AMD?  Any gotchas?
> Paul Schmehl
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AMD64 is for 64-bit chips from AMD and Intel. whether it is multi-core is 
run i386 still if you want/need 32-bit operating system. there are some 
features and programs that will NOT work with AMD64.

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