Has any one else had this problem?

I have a 80Gb IDE hhd I mount on /usr/arc and is device /dev/ad0s1e. I use this this 
hhd for archival purposes. And I have /dev/ad1s1a,f,g,e for /,tmp,usr,var.

If I have the 80Gb drive on the other IDE channel as /dev/ad2s1e I get a kernal panic 
any time I try to move a large number of files.

Has any one else encountered this, have any idea what is happening, or found a 
solution to this befor?

/me is currently planning of adding on a 200Gb drive but does not want to throw in the 
extra money for a new PICMG backplane, controller card, and powersupply unless he 
really has to

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