On Friday 11 July 2008, Roland Smith wrote:

> You should define CUPS_OVERWRITE_BASE when building cups. This will
> install cups's lp* programs over the system programs. The easiest
> way to do that is to add the following lines to /etc/make.conf:
> .if ${.CURDIR:M*/print/cups*}
> .endif
> Then rebuild and re-install the cups-base port.
> To prevent the next system rebuild from undoing this, you should also
> add
> to /etc/src.conf.

I think this only applies for ver. 7.

For 6.3 you need to put


in /etc/make.conf.

/etc/src.conf (and its slightly different wording) wasn't introduced 
until 7.0.

I also have WITH_CUPS=yes in /etc/make.conf. I understand that some 
ports make use of it.

Mike Clarke
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