On Sun, 13 Jul 2008, Jason W. Morgan wrote:

I also get the annoying black boxes. I haven't tested it thoroughly
yet, but it seems to happen most often with resized png images. That
could just be a result of the pages I visit though; they seem to use
pngs quite extensively.

That's a known bug:


As for performance problems, I have noticed that FF3 is slower than
FF2 at loading pages with many images, and I've had a lot of trouble
with Flash (as usual). But the problems are not so significant that
I've been forced to uninstall it.

FF3 seems to be faster than for me (on 7.0-STABLE). Flash 7 seems to be no worse than, which is to say that it works maybe half the places it's used, and does nothing on the others. Come to think of it, would lock up on many of those, and FF3 does not.

Adblock Plus and FlashBlock help, too.

One other note: FF3 wanted to check my extensions for compatibility almost every time it started. A process for disabling that check is described here:


It's just adding these two settings to about:config:

extensions.checkCompatibility  false
extensions.checkUpdateSecurity false

That didn't stop every check, though. Adding those two settings to the default profile (/usr/local/lib/firefox3/defaults/profile/prefs.js) in addition to the user settings seemed to stop all the checks.

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