I'm going to start listing my "million-dollar-ideas" here or at
        least on my virtual transfinite site.  tho i'm pretty sure others
        have had ideas as i have.   all or mine have made it to online,
        altho not all have survived!

        my latest involves a site that would suggeeste words that are on
        the tip of one's tongue.   can anybody help me with "[] smile"
        where the "[]" would be close-to-skeletal?    i'm usually pretty
        good with google, but how to find a word that is just beyond
        one's reach.  not "emaciated" ...  [Hm!]


        ps: for the brave [[or foolhardy]] , i have a couple other ideas
        left.  not totally "politically correct" but funny. :-)

  Gary Kline  [EMAIL PROTECTED]  Public Service Unix

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