Jim presented these words - circa 7/21/08 6:30 PM->
I'm trying to get a machine working, but it can't seem to handle DNS
requests. I've just done a 7.0 install (from CD, usually I use net,
but it wasn't connecting to anything, now I know why).

I have a machine with two built in NICs on the motheroboard, one using
nfe the other using bge. When I try to connect to anything, I get a
"cannot resolve host error". Both are set up to be static,, and bge is I have tried both ""
(the router, which points to the ISPs DNS) and "" in the
/etc/resolve.conf file, each separately, not both at once. The machine
can ping both of these addresses and gets a decent to rapid return
time (~.3ms for the former, <20ms for the latter) Neither works on
this machine. Both work on the other FreeBSD and Windows machines in
the house. I have the machine set to dual boot, and DNS works fine
under Windows.

I tried DHCP without an luck. The previous install on this machine just worked.

What I *SUSPECT* is the biggest clue (my guess, check an rc.d file, which?)
During boot up, after showing the network interfaces, until showing
the login prompt, the terminal gets spammed with "b: not found".

Up to this point:
-> I installed it once with a boot only CD and it worked fine, but
being absent minded, I reinstalled thinking it would be the
quickest/easiest way to fix an issue, and the install I had wasn't
really 'set-up' yet.
-> The DNS checker (bind?) wasn't working properly during the first
reinstall. Sadly, I found this out after reformatting the partitions.
-> I re-burned the CD with CD1 (not boot only), and tried again - DNS
still didn't work.
-> I installed from CD.

Process for current install:
-> I installed i386/7.0 from Install Disk 1, minimal install + dict,
man, info and doc
-> I set the root password during the install
-> I updated the /etc/ssh* files to the files from my old system (I
can ssh into the computer fine)
-> I copied over the rc.conf and modified the NIC and startup entries
(see below)
-> I added if_tap_load="YES" to /boot/loader.conf (this was AFTER the
DNS issues had started)
-> set the values in /etc/resolve.conf
-> I copied /etc/supfile-ports and /etc/supfile-src from the old
install. These are pretty boring supfiles for ports and src
-> I added my non-root account (so I could ssh in)

That's it.

Any ideas? My suspicion is that my next step will be 'rebuild bind
from within /usr/src wherever it resides in there'. However, since it
wasn't working during install or now, I suspect that won't be enough.

Why do you think 'bind' is the problem?  You are not using bind, you are
using the DNS resolver (which is the client side of Bind).  Can you reach
each of the nodes listed in resolv.conf?  via ping?  via traceroute?

Have you tried to issue a 'dig name' to see if you can reach the
DNS server?

I would first ensure that you have basic network connectivity, once that
is confirmed, that you have access to the DNS servers.

But your problem is not locally with Bind.

Patrick Mahan
ex-Window Washer

-Jim Stapleton

domain  var-dev.net

ifconfig_bge0="inet netmask"
#ifconfig_re0_alias0=" netmask"

#for QEmu
ifconfig_nfe0="up polling"
autobridge_bridge0="tap0 nfe0"
# the bridge gets the IP
#ifconfig_bridge0="inet netmask"
ifconfig_bridge0="inet netmask"
ifconfig_bridge0_alias0=" netmask"


#for beryl and hardware autodetect stuff

# -- sysinstall generated deltas -- # Tue Mar 25 08:22:19 2008
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