Hi guys,

I have a doubt while planning my network enlargement... I have a router
where i created 3 Virtual ips(alias)...eth0:1, eth0:2, etc....so i have 3
subnets with only one eth interface....192.168.[0-3].0 subnets...this
connected to a switch, a simple one which doesnt support 802.1q and 4 bsds
connected to the switch, 2 in one subnet and the otheres in each subnet,
thus the 3 subnets(alias) in my router....I was reading and wanted to know
which is the difference, which one is better, can i implement any of this
two options (Vlan or Alias) in my network? do i need to recompile my kernel?
i have 6.2?

Thanks in advance,
Have a nice weekend,
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