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>Hi guys,
>I'v been delaying the installed ports upgrade cause i was testing my
>server and now that it it in production i wanted to upgrade them and
>find it impossible...
>I am running
> uname -a
>FreeBSD everest.himalaya.network 6.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE #0:
>Mon May 21 19:48:05 ART 2007
>I did a cvsup to update all ports which did it successfully...then
>installed portmanager and portsaudit....
>did a pkg_version -v and find the outdated ports, like sec, mysql and
>Now while trying to update with
>portmanager sysutils/rsync -l -ui -f
>#Then also tried without the f
>get this errors:
>portmanager 0.4.1_9
> perl-5.8.8_1                        /lang/perl5.8
>    make Strike 2
>it gets like its looping while updating perl....
>For what i saw, portmanager seems to try to update all dependencies
>too..and is failing in that....
>Something similar happened while trying to update apache22
>Its my first try updating/upgrading ports...and it was hard to find a
>doc explaining this....i mean..there are lots of docs but each with
>different methods...
>Well, hope you can give me a jhand..

I use portmanager myself occasionally. They this:

1) Update your ports tree
2) Run: portmanager -u -l -y -p

If it fails again, look in the log file (/var/log/portmanager.log) and
see what it says. You can post the error message back here.


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