Steve Cole wrote:

I have just installed FreeBSD 4.11 with the intention of not only creating a file server but to allow for video streaming and recording with the aid of a TV card.

Lots of forums suggest many options to achieve this however to save alot of time with untested and not always proven methods. Could you please advise me if this indeed possible and secondly if you could recommend any possible tv cards compatible with your OS

I look forward to any help or assistance that you may offer.

Many Thanks

Steve C

If the main purpose of your box is to be a PVR, I suggest going with a Linux distribution and using MythTV ( While I am a fan of FreeBSD as a web/mail/etc. server, it did not meet my needs when attempting to build a PVR. I found the Gentoo Linux distribution most comfortable for me because it uses a "portage" system similar to the "ports" system of FreeBSD. Others I tried were package based and didn't always support my hardware.

Anyway, my two cents,


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