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> Has anyone had much experience with a 3600 series ATi card, it's the
> best in the discreet-video category for my target price/performance,
> but not listed in the man pages for the Radeon (non-HD) - only the
> 3400s and the 3800s). Aside from that, going for the really cheap end,
> has anyone had much experience with the Intel 4500HD chipsets yet? I'm
> lousy with other people's code (barely good with my own), but I could
> test if needed, if/when I get the board.

The last ATI chip with full open-source 3D accelleration support is the
2950 (RV280), but 3D and accelleration support for newer chips is
actively being worked on. ATI is even going to provide the developers
with documentation (could be that that has happened by now?). The most
up-to-date info can usually be found on the phoronix.com website, e.g.

The driver that you want for ATI cards is xf86-video-ati. But for the
most features you'll have to compile it yourself from the code in a git
repository. You'll probably need an updated DRM driver as well.

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