Sorry, this question may be a little bit off-topic, but I'm looking for
any hint.

I've a CUPS daemon running on a FreeBSD-4.7 server; printer access is
granted only after successful user authentication. This works fine with
KDE on FreeBSD and Linux clients, for example.

But we see no chance for a GUI user authentication on MacOS X (latest

On the Mac, access to the CUPS server works fine when using command line
tools within a shell window - you have just to type in your password, and
everything is ok.

But when using the GUI (print center), no password is asked for, and after
a few seconds the print centers opens without any printer, In the system
log, one can see unresolved request for password entry, but you seem to
have no chance to do so.

Any ideas? Anything one can try on the Mac side?

Best regards

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