Dan Nelson schrieb:
In the last episode (Aug 14), C.M. Burns said:
Dan Nelson schrieb:
In the last episode (Aug 14), C.M. Burns said:
maybe there is a way to use the "loader prompt" to manually load
the module? it is a buslogic bt948 controller. i would rather not
compile a new kernel :)
I was going to suggest building the buslogic driver as a module and
then loading it from floppy at the loader prompt, but it doesn't
look like the "bt" driver is available in module form.  Do you
maybe have an Adaptec SCSI card you could use instead, at least
until you can rebuild the kernel?  I know modules for those are on
the install CD (newer cards will be managed by the ahc or ahd
I could switch to an LSI logic megaraid controller, but i have to
check the version when i am back at work on monday. how can i load
modules from floppy disk at loader prompt?

run "lsdev" to determine which bios device is your floppy (most likely
disk0), then run "load disk0:/amr.ko".  The loader will read ufs,
msdos, cd9660, and ext2 filesystems, so you could load the module from
any number of sources.  I don't know if the megaraid controller will
make your two disks visible to the host without you configuring them
for hardware raid, though.

OK, it's monday and I'm back at work ;)
The controller is a "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic 53c1030 PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra320 SCSI".
I booted into a loader prompt and entered "load amr". Result was a
/boot/kernel/amr.ko text=xxxxxx data=xxxxxx syms=xxxxxxx
so I guess the driver has been loaded successfully.

If I then enter "autoboot" to start booting, system still cannot found root. If I enter "?" to show valid boot devices, I only get acd0 (CD-ROM) and fd0, so I think the amr.ko could not detect the controller...

any ideas? Is the amr.ko to old for this controller? is there a new one around?

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