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> Hi, I am having a problem accessing some sites from Freebsd 6.2 in either
> firefox or Opera. I looked around for some advice on this on the net, found
> some pages mentioning this as a problem when Freebsd was running on the 
> machine
> acting as the gateway  and the machines trying to access the sites were 
> Windows
> or Mac. But my case is this
> my set up:   Laptop(FreeBSD 6.2) -> netgearFVS318 router-> ADSL modem (set
> up as  bridge)

gday :)
i'm on FBSD7, ipfw local firewall , dlink router, iinet, Sydney - no problems
getting to commbank.

We used to have similar issues when running a 6.x gateway behind a SHDSL line.
The issue was the MSS was too high - i had to run an ipfw divert rule to
net/tcpmssd process to fix this. It was affecting mainly traffic coming from
IIS hosts (no idea why :P ).

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