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In Google Chrome System requirements
pic=14660) they say that a Linux version is going to appear. And in
the "Download and install" help article
ery=open-source&topic=&type=) they say that it is open-source.

Does this mean that is hope we'll have a FreeBSD version?

If someone steps up and rolls and submits the port. You're welcome to
volunteer :-)

I'd be glad to, but I'm afraid I do not have the skills for that... :-(

Once it runs on Linux it shouldn't be too difficult to port it to FreeBSD.
However it doesn't run on Linux ATM according to what I've read.

Has anyone tried to install it using wine?  I tried but it just hung
after agreeing to the license.

I managed to get past slashdot's first redirect and Chrome started to render the page.

I have written down my experience and what was needed here:

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