On Tue, Sep 09, 2008 at 02:47:34PM -0700, Gary Kline wrote:
> > I installed the rxvt-unicode terminal emulator because it's a lot
> > lighter then xterm, although both should handle UTF-8. You should use a
> > unicode font though. I put the following in my ~/.Xresources:
>       I had something like what you've got below all the years I used
>       Ctwm, either in ~/.xinitrc or ~/.Xresources.  With more
>       customization in ~/.ctwmrc.  Now I'm using primarily KDE and used
>       to their Konsole hack of xterm.  Any idea of a URL that has this
>       level of utf-8 for konsole?

Doesn't konsole have a help menu? Otherwise check the konsole site:
http://konsole.kde.org/ It seems to have a handbook online. 

Maybe the View->Set Character Encoding menu option is what you're
looking for? 

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