Jonathan Chen wrote:
On Tue, Sep 23, 2008 at 11:57:21AM +0000, dhaneshk k wrote:
 Hi ;

I installed eclipse(3.2.2) from ports , in my FreeBSD-7.0 RELEASE box , where diablo-jdk-15.0 installed but when I start eclipse getting a splash message as follows ...


JVM terminated. Exit code=1

Build a native JVM, java/jdk15 or java/jdk16, and use that instead.
If it wasn't allready, it might be just a better idea to update the portstree and install eclipse-devel (eclipse-3.4 ) with diablo-jdk16. That'll probably take less time then completely building jdk15 or jdk16 and you have a newer release on top of it.

-Frank Staals

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