I'll start off with the error I get when I try to
install freebsd version 4.6.

acd0:read data overrun 34/0
acd0:MODE_SENSE_BIG command timeout - resetting
ata0:resetting devices ..ad0:DMA limited to UDMA33,
non-ATA66 cable or device

Now here's the part I find perplexing.  I unhooked all
my newer hardware and kept only what I know used to
work in my old computer.  The only difference now
would be the motherboard and the stuff on it like the
BIOS and all that.  I used my old hard drive (maxtor
20 gig, primary master) and my cd-writer (hp cd-writer
plus 9100i, primary slave).  This is how is was in my
old computer.  I even used the same ide cable I used
back when I was able to install/run freebsd.

The set ata.ata_dma="1" and set ata.atapi_dma="1" did
not improve the situation.  All I can figure is it
must either be a BIOS problem or I'm doing something
stupidly wrong with the kernel config when I go to
install.  If it most likely a BIOS problem, what
should I be looking for?  If it's most likely a kernel
config problem is there something that's been known to
cause that particular error?

My motherboard is a Jetway 603TCFL with a pentium III
1.1 ghz processor and a via chipset.  My BIOS is a
"Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG" and as far as I can tell
it's the up to date (I used the MagicBIOS util in
windows that came with my motherboard to check for

Thanks in advance for any help and ideas.

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