Hi everyone,

I'm totally new to freebsd-update. I used to recompile the kernel and the world when I wanted to update. But I think it's now time to take advantages of the binary update possibility. I looked at the man pages and some googling couldn't answer my questions properly. I need to roll out a server quick and I just want to be sure I'm on the good path.

There is my situation:
I want to be able to use freebsd-update to update a FreeBSD 7.0-Release installation to the latest security patches (I want an update and not an upgrade if I understand correctly). Where this gets more complicated is that I need a custom kernel (for ULE, pf and ALTQ while also disabling some devices I'll never need) and I want to use jails to isolate every services (Apache and MySQL by now).

So, I read at some places that you can't use freebsd-update with a custom kernel, but I'm not sure if this apply only in the case of an upgrade between release or if I'll need to manually recompile the kernel with every use of freebsd-update.

I also read that it's possible to update the jails from the host system with the -b flag. In this case, I supposed that I need to update the host system before the jail, but is the procedure going to be exactly the same?

Talking about procedure, it would be nice if someone could confirm that all I need to do is 'freebsd-update fetch' followed by 'freebsd-update install' to update the host system.

I'm sorry if this has been explained before but I couldn't find anything clear on this. I least, your answer will make a good, update to date source of information.

Thank you all for your replies,

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