Hi all,

I am not a fan of cross posting, but, I have to make a exception in this case as I can't seem to nail down whether its the software or OS causing me the problem.

Software: Apache 2.2, Python 2.5, Mailmain 2.1.11
OS: FreeBSD 6.2 Release #0

Apache and Python were built from ports, Mailman was built from source.

Problem: I can't stay logged into the Mailman web interface. Each time I submit a form, I am logged out. When I do log in, If I look on my local machine, I cant find a session cookie anywhere. It like is never set. And the Mailman documentation clearly states that none of the changes will be saved in that scenario.

Question: are there any people out there who can point me in the right direction? I assume that Python should be setting a cookie, but thats just a guess ... could it be OS related?


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