On Fri, Oct 10, 2008 at 06:40:22PM +0530, Shakul M Hameed wrote:
> I think its not a very bad idea, unless your app is dependent on a routine 
> which is deprecated and
> not avaiable in the latest version of library. For testing purpose this 
> should be ok. 

I disagree.  It _is_ a bad idea.

There is absolutely *no* guarantee that symbols will be identical
between two revisions of a shared library, especially across a
major revision.  I'm not talking about missing symbols detected during
run-time either; I'm talking about internal changes that could affect
the operation of a program which relies on certain behaviour of
functions in that library, which has changed in a newer version (yet
kept the same function/calling semantics).

And let's not forget about shared libraries that are linked to other
shared libraries, resulting in a dependency tree of madness, where
you'll suddenly find yourself making symlinks all over the place.  (You
should use libmap.conf for this purpose anyway).

So like I said -- it IS a bad idea.  Please do not do it.

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